Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reading the History: Wild Spaces, Open Seasons.

This book traces the theme of hunting and fishing in American art from the early nineteenth century through World War II. Describing a remarkable group of American paintings and sculpture, the contributors reveal the pervasiveness of the subjects and the fascinating contexts from which they emerged. In one important example after another, the authors demonstrate that representations of hunting and fishing did more than illustrate subsistence activities or diverting pastimes. The portrayal of American hunters and fishers also spoke to American ambitions and priorities.

In their depictions of the hunt or the catch, American artists connected a dynamic and developing nation to its past and its future. Through the examination of major works of art, this book brings to light an often-overlooked theme in American painting and sculpture.

Hunting and Fishing in American Art
edited by Kevin Sharp
University of Oklahoma Press, 2016
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